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#492 2020 - Women's Suffrage, CLN Actions January 3, 2020

2020: 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in U.S. Member group Feminists for Life has a Centennial Celebration Calendar.

Carol Crossed (who spent decades as a CLN Board member) has a new book out for the occasion: Vintage Tweets: Suffrage Era Postcards is a poignant, amusing and insightful collection of 100 year old suffrage postcards, the social media of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


2020 Calendar for CLN Actions

Individuals wanting to participate in our planned actions can contact us at January 6 or thereabouts: Launch of the Peace & Life Referendums website; we’ll cover this more in next week’s issue. January 11: March for Life Midwest in Chicago. We’ll have a table at the conference as well as a contingent in the march. January 24 – March for Life in Washington D.C. In addition to our normal contingent, we’ll have tables at the Expo and the O’Connor conference, plus presence at many of the other accompanying events. The website also has links to local marches, so you can join where you are – we encourage you to take consistent-life lit and signs. More details to come. January 25: March for Life West Coast. We don’t yet have anything organized, but would be eager to hear from people interested.

At last year’s March, left to right: Rosemarie & Richard Stith, Sarah Terzo, John Whitehead, Bill Samuel, Rachel MacNair, Tom Taylor, Tony Masalonis May 15-17: The Conspire Conference in Albuquerque is attended by a couple of thousand peace-oriented people in desperate need of consistent-life education. We’re planning a presence there, More people to join in are needed. August 6-9: Again in Albuquerque – the 75th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bring an especially meaningful time to rally and march at nearby Los Alamos, where the Bomb was first fashioned. We have sympathizers there, but many peace people in need of knowing more about the consistent life ethic, so we plan to make ourselves a visible contingent. Again, we encourage people to attend their own local events world-wide for the anniversaries, with consistent-life lit and signs.


Media Over the Break Since the holiday break of our last issue, some interesting things have popped up in the media. The PBS News Hour had a segment on Why Reducing a Pregnant Woman’s Toxic Stress Can Improve the Health of Her Unborn Child. In addition to the appropriate view of unborn children as human beings (which is how the media commonly sees it when abortion is not the topic), the segment has good information on connections of poverty and social injustice with health for mother and child. Ross Douthat is a conservative columnist for the New York Times who’s frequently eloquent against abortion (see this Quotation of the Week). Here he comments cogently: Lies Have Kept Us in Afghanistan. But the Truth May Not Set Us Free.


Jim Kelly, Professor Emeritus, Ford University Immediately following Roe the first anti-abortion college group, The National Youth Pro-Life Coalition, linked oppositions to the Vietnam War and to abortion: “The coalition is deeply concerned that our contemporary society is not consistent in its respect for human life” and challenged those who were “antiabortion, pro-war and pro-capital punishment to moral consistency because true conservatism should involve a willingness to ‘conserve’ all human life.”

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