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#497 We're in NYT, More March for Life, Low-Yield Nukes February 7, 2020

See Quotation of the Week below – we’re mentioned in a New York Times op-ed! More from March for Life 2020 In our latest blog post, C.J. Williams recounts her adventures in the Purple Sash Revolution on January 22, 2020. In the 100th anniversary year of U.S. women getting the vote, women in the tradition of the early suffragists held a sit-in in the office of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Pelosi refuses to allow the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act to be considered – rather ironic, considering how Pelosi complains of how many House-passed bills aren’t even considered in the Senate.

on the steps of the House right before the action

In a different post with our member group the American Solidarity Party, Grace Garrett reflects on her decision to participate in this year's March for Life, despite the presence of Donald Trump as one of the speakers. She writes, "I marched for the same reason I have marched for many years: to demand that our country outlaw the slaughter of preborn children . . . Moreover, I march to show I am unwilling to cede the pro-life movement to the Republican Party. " Garrett notes the diversity of attendees, including diverse ideological and partisan loyalties: "when we marched together, we gave people an image of the breadth of people who want to end abortion and the unstoppable force which we can be when we mobilize for the preborn."


“Low-Yield” Nukes are Still Nukes In a distressing development, the U.S. military has deployed a nuclear-armed submarine missile as a major new addition to its nuclear arsenal, categorized as "low-yield." That means each weapon, if used, would kill fewer innocent people than a high-yield nuclear weapon would. But we know how the playbook of violence goes: allowing mass killing at all means the rule against mass killing isn’t being applied. A pretense that less killing is better than more killing misses the point that any mass killing, especially one that’s bound to include children, is wrong. And once the moral limits are off, the killing frequently runs rampant. That’s a normal dynamic of how violence works.


Stop Pro-Abortion Regulations in DC! There is a letter and postcard-writing campaign in Washington, DC, to oppose pending legislation before the DC City Council that would remove all restrictions on abortion in DC – and only protect the conscience rights of pro-choice workers. The campaign is asking DC residents to reach out to the City Council saying they oppose this bill: the "Strengthening Reproductive Health Protections Amendment Act of 2019". More background on opposition to the bill may be found here, and a sample letter and postcards in English and Spanish to send to the Council and share with friends and other DC residents may be found here.


Gracy Olmstead How Abortion Warps Our Politics The New York Times, February 5, 2020 [S]o many abortion opponents – especially those who see themselves as adhering to a consistent life ethic – fear the growing partisanship of the abortion debate . . . Frustrated by inconsistency on the right and hostility on the left, they may seek out a space that is consistent in its life ethic, determined to win over hearts and minds, and not just votes. . . . there’s a whole cohort of diverse “pro-life” advocates who do not fit the Republican stereotype . . . Organizations such as the New Wave Feminists, Consistent Life Network, Latinos for Life, and others.

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