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#499 CL Kids!, Challenging Questions, Foundation Grants February 21, 2020

Updates on Our Projects, Part 1 of 2

CL Kids! Our “CL Kids!” program is designed to teach young people about the life issues and the connections between them. It includes educators and students in secular and faith-based settings, youth organizations, and anyone interested. We will have:

  • a repository of educational materials for different ages and settings, available soon on our website;

  • a discussion forum for educators and other interested people; and

  • a podcast series about people’s experience bringing the message of life to the young.

We're especially excited about developing videos, art, workshops, and a Vacation Bible School curriculum. We also need interns.


Booklet: Challenging Questions Would you like more particulars on answering the tough questions? Are there open-minded people more likely to listen to us on issues they’re unfamiliar with because we share their views on other issues they care about? We have much of this booklet drafted. Meanwhile, if there are particular questions you’d like to see answered, or if you’ve run across questions you think you have particularly good answers to, send those to Samples:

Abortion – What if the woman is raped? Death Penalty – Doesn’t the Bible support the death penalty? War – How can we defend ourselves without war?


Peace & Life Referendums, November 2020 Website: Peace & Life Referendums: Voting Against Violence They receive less attention than “horse races,” but whether referendums pass or fail – and whether overwhelmingly or squeaking by – they influence policy with fairly clear communication of what voters want. We’ve collected U.S. state referendums dealing with each of our issues (and will add local ones). We educate about why they should be passed (or defeated) with points especially from our perspective.


CL Action Foundation The Consistent Life Action Foundation (CLAF) gives grants to directly help people threatened by the forms of violence we oppose, and those working to assist them. Some of our grantees' activities:

  • Helping immigrants at the Mexico-US border with water, baby supplies, hygiene items, and respite center funding

  • Organizing petitions and social media drives to save condemned prisoners

  • Providing supplies, transportation and babysitting, and moral support to new mothers and their children, unborn and born

If you or your organization are helping people like those mentioned above, apply for a CLAF grant. CLAF was initially funded by a special donation, but operates under a grassroots, "GoFundMe" concept. Your donations, large and small, can be added. To support this impactful program, contribute here and designate "CLAF" in the PayPal note. CLAF also needs at least one intern.


Our Latest Blog Post After the recent killing of Iranian general Qasem Suleimani by U.S. drone, John Whitehead noticed that while most people who oppose the assassination were quick to affirm that Suleimani had killed many, he found a few who argued this admission was playing into the hands of militarists. John offers thoughts on why acknowledging complexities is important to peace issues and all our anti-violence work in “In Defense of “Yes, But” Rhetoric: the Case of the Suleimani Assassination.


Jake Meador The Mystique of the Pro-Life Movement: On Trump & the March for Life Mere Orthodoxy, January 24, 2020 [T]he goal of the pro-life movement is not simply that Roe would be overturned but that ours would be a society friendly to life. As long as our laws allow for the killing of the unborn we cannot claim to be such a society. But the erasure of such laws will not, in itself, absolve us of the charge of being a society that is deeply inhumane and hostile to life.

Responses/News Tips/Questions to share are all welcome.

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