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#500 Grassroots Defunding, Price of Roe, Hiroshima Action February 28, 2020

Updates on Our Projects, Part 2 of 2

Grassroots Defunding: Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood Website: We update this website every few days. We’ve matched specific alternatives (usually Community Health Centers) to each U.S. Planned Parenthood center in the country. Activists are sending in ideas and updated information, and the PP centers themselves open and close (mainly close). We’ve created an information clearinghouse so people needn’t re-invent the wheel, but can share with each other ways to encourage possible PP clients to get medical services at places that don’t promote abortion.

New developments:

  • We’ve had interviews made into a video with Abby Johnson, Pam Whitehead and Toni Turner about why this is important and how it works. It’s first thing on the home page. We have extra clips of Abby or Pam explaining specific points throughout the website.

  • We also have a video of project coordinator Rachel MacNair explaining the whole project at a conference, with clips of specific points throughout the website.

  • We’ve added a new page on why PP centers that don’t do abortions, but do refer for abortions, are especially important to cover with this campaign.

  • We’ve added links to the Google reviews and Yelp reviews for each PP center to its listing, to help find persuasive reasons to go elsewhere.

We also need interns.


Price of Roe Website: This educational website is designed for people who are pro-Roe v. Wade, not because they’ve thought it through carefully, but because they have stereotypes about those of us who oppose Roe. The title was inspired by a pro-abortion media commentator who bemoaned what progressive causes have lost because of Roe, and so we quote him and several others on what opportunities we’ve lost: elections and ending discrimination against females and those with disabilities. We also expound on what was wrong with Roe: legal scholars who favor the outcome nevertheless think it was sloppy legal reasoning; there was eugenic influence; and the plaintiffs were exploited women. We’ve just this month added two more quotations about abortion’s impact on elections, and expect more will be added as writers make more comments this election year. If you come across any good quotations that aren’t yet on the website, please send them in to Be sure to send the link to your pro-Roe friends and social media.


75th Anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki One of our major activities is having tables and otherwise attending a large variety of conferences, where we can have face-to-face contact with people to acquaint them with the consistent life ethic. See here for two major ones in 2020 plus the four party conventions. We particularly highlight the two vigils and conference at Los Alamos, where nuclear weapons were first developed, for the 75th anniversary of their deliberate use against human populations. Our endorsers John Dear, Richard Rohr, and Martin Sheen are all expected. The two vigils with rallies on the anniversaries are very powerful, and well worth the trip alone. The conference in between is also worthwhile. We especially need to have a strong consistent-life contingent, wearing t-shirts and displaying signs. You can register here . Let us know you’re coming, so we can all coordinate –


Our Latest Blog Post

David Cruz-Uribe, OFS (CLN board member) explains the connections in the United States between Racism and the Death Penalty.

Nellie Gray (1924-2012), March for Life Founder If everybody doesn't have the right to life, then nobody has the right to life.

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