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#515 Brutality, Covid Advice, Nukes June 12, 2020

Around the Web: Opposing Police Brutality

Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson

* Referring to Louisiana state senator Katrina Jackson (pictured): Racial justice is a pro-life issue, says leading pro-life legislator. * A blog post in The Minimise Project of Ireland expounds on Responding to police brutality as pro-life advocates. They quote from our statement, among others. * Historian Josh Marshall connects racism to war in Militarized Policing and Bringing the War Home. * An article from 6 years ago points out that Tear Gas Is an Abortifacient. Unfortunately, this is in the magazine The Nation, which is hostile to pro-lifers and casts the issue as an attack on our inaction about this. This is no way to be persuasive. As pro-lifers ourselves, perhaps we can raise the alarm more effectively.


Women Deserve Better

CLN member group Feminists for Life reports that they’ve continued to focus on the pandemic in their Women Deserve Better coverage:


Sign on to Statements against Nuclear Weapons The Back from the Brink campaign, of which the Consistent Life Network is an endorser, works to end the threat of nuclear weapons. In anticipation of the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings (August 6 and 9 this year), Back from the Brink is promoting two statements calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Organizations are invited to endorse (and arrange local events):

Individuals can sign:

Hibakusha are survivors of the original atomic bombings. We similarly invite our group and individual members to sign on to these statements.


World Beyond War Online World Beyond War (WBW) normally holds its annual conference in conjunction with a protest of a major annual weapons expo in Ottawa, Canada. While the expo was cancelled due to Covid-19, WBW held its NoWar2020 conference online May 28-30. Canadian peace activist Mary-Wynne Ashford led a workshop on nonviolence strategies, with multiple effective yet underreported examples, especially the roles of individual cities and of women in ending large-scale violence. Two panel discussions with activists from New Zealand, the UK and Canada, the first on the use of nonviolent protest to shut down weapons expos, and the second on campaigns to convert weapons production to socially useful and environmentally friendly products. Finally, there was an open mic session. Peace activists from various countries shared poetry, videos, songs, and reports on local action. All conference sessions were recorded and are available on World Beyond War’s YouTube channel.


Our Latest Blog Post

Lois Kerschen

We recently covered possible social reforms from the Covid-19 pandemic, based on observations of what happened after other historical pandemics. But there are also dangers lurking. Lois Kerschen considers “sacrifice-the-weak” sentiment in Post-pandemic: What Worries Me.


New Website Administrator Needed

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We’re seeking a new freelance website coordinator to help with weekly website maintenance. This part-time position pays $20 an hour. It may be a great position for Marketing Majors. See details here.

Quotation of the Week

U.S. Catholic Bishops Pastoral Letter on Racism, page 30 Attacks on human life have severely affected people of color, who are disproportionally affected by poverty, targeted for abortion, have less access to healthcare, have the greatest numbers on death row, and are most likely to feel pressure to end their lives when facing serious illness. As bishops, we unequivocally state that racism is a life issue.

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