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#582 - Peace & Life: New Swag/Counterdemonstrations - October 8, 2021

New Swag!

The Consistent Life Network is excited to announce the launch of our new Redbubble Store. Redbubble is similar to our CafePress Store, with a focus on independent artists. Many of the designs we showcased at our conference this spring are now available for purchase on Redbubble.

Designs include the Consistent Life Ethic Definition from our social media series, our Dove and Rose graphic, and more. Show that you’re proudly pro-peace and pro-life with a t shirt, mug, phone cover, and many more items today!

Samples of swag including shirt, phone cover and hat

Countering the Women’s March

Our member group Rehumanize International was one of the many that protested the Women’s March “for abortion justice” – the only justice with abortion, of course, being that it cease to exist. The first two photos are from their Facebook page.

Diverse group of prolife demonstrators with signs
Peaceful prolife demonstrator with sign

This photo of a separate event from a new group (details next week) includes CLN President Christy Yao Pelliccioni, second from left:

Peaceful prolife protestors

Countering the Blessing of War Weapons

Also last weekend, CLN board member Julia Smucker joined several peace groups in protesting the so-called "christening" of a new warship in Bath, Maine. These groups have been campaigning for the state's major weapons manufacturer and shipyard, Bath Iron Works, to be converted to peaceful production such as clean energy and medical supplies.

Julia is the one on the left in the photo below; her large sign reads "Use workers' skills for healing, not for killing.”

Peaceful protestors

Our Latest Blog Post

picture of Noah Trevor

There’s been plenty of misinformation about the impact of abortion laws in the media; the Texas Heartbeat Bill going into effect has made this especially acute in the past few weeks. But Rachel MacNair got a bee in her bonnet specifically with a segment done by Trevor Noah (pictured) because of a Tweet from his past that shows such abortion-related callousness toward women that he should take great care in what he says. Rachel details this in the post.

But the main point in “The Daily Show” Doesn’t Do Its Homework counters the idea that laws don’t stop any abortions. Empirical studies show that specific ones have in fact made abortion numbers go down.

If you'd like to help bring this post to the attention of the show's staff and audience, their getting several comments will work better than just one. You can comment on The Daily Show Facebook page.


Quotation of the Week

First Things, October 2021

The class ideology that abortion is necessary for women’s empowerment bears a distasteful resemblance to pro-slavery arguments used in the run-up to the American Civil War. Thirty years ago, the liberal abortion mantra was “safe, legal, and rare,” a position not unlike that of late-eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century American slave-owners, who viewed the “peculiar institution” as an evil, if perhaps a necessary one. Yet much like the evolution of contemporary feminism toward “shout your abortion,” Southern intellectuals in the 1830s changed course to insist that slavery was not evil at all but rather a positive good . . . because it reconciled capital and labor, thus freeing the South from the “disorders and dangers” of class conflict. At the same time, slavery freed whites from servile labor “unsuited to the spirit of a freeman.” The message was as frank as it was ­depraved: (Black) slavery is a necessary condition of (white) social equality and free institutions.

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