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#583 - Peace & Life: Progressive Uprising / U.S. Budget - October 15, 2021

New Organization:

Launched with its first action as a protest of the Women’s March for abortion on October 2, the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (brainchild of and organized by Terrisa Bukovinac) has a video that explains its single-issue focus as a progressive group. Screenshots:


Brilliant Plan to Fund Build Back Better

Setting aside all other debates about the details, we point out a remarkably easy way to fund any plan for life-affirming services that costs $3.5 trillion over the next ten years:

$1.7 trillion over ten years: “Modernizing” a nuclear stockpile when getting rid of it would make us safer. Eliminating these weapons is a crucial idea anyway, aside from its cost.

Another $1.7 trillion over ten years: The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets can be felled by one flying bird and are pointless for the genuine security threats we face.

Voila! Just eliminate two programs – each of which are so harmful that if they were instead merely useless it would be an improvement – and the budget is made with just a little more to go. No tax increase nor yet more debt.

Unfortunately, such a swap isn’t yet on the table.

But we have to ask: why is there such controversy over programs that would reduce poverty, abortions, and climate change – and not nearly as much public controversy over vast expenditures that are designed for killing?


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Quotation of the Week

Katrina Jackson, Louisiana State Senator (Democrat)

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, early October, 2021

commenting on the unanimous opposition of U.S. House of Representatives Democrats to the Hyde Amendment, which cuts federal government spending on abortion.

Of course, I was shocked. I was even more disappointed that some Democrats advocated that it was racist for us not to repeal the Hyde Amendment. Look, I sit in a room with African American women every day. Sixty percent of my district is African-American. . . . I’ve never been in a group of African Americans who asked me to fund abortion. . . .

Right now in the African-American community, people are still screaming for equitable education and access to healthcare, and what I’ve said, and my message has been this: it’s racist to fund abortions, because you’re going to have to cut the budget somewhere. At every level of government, in order to spend more money, unless more revenue comes in, you have to cut the budget somewhere. And in Louisiana, generally we have a deficit, we have to cut education and health care — two things the African-American community is screaming about.”


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