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#588 - Peace & Life: Naming Jan 22 / Oklahoma executions - November 19, 2021

What to name January 22?

January 22 is a special day for Roe v. Wade opponents, it being the anniversary of the court decision. But now it’s become even more interesting for consistent lifers. It’s also the day nuclear weapons became officially illegal under the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, starting in 2021.

One is a protest of unleashing massive violence, and the other is a celebration of a major milestone to eventually stop massive violence. Connecting abortion and nuclear weapons is especially a part of our history; the Consistent Life Network grew out of the final meeting of Prolifers for Survival.

Can we come up with a name that connects both of these January 22 observances? The year 2022 will be the first anniversary for the anti-nuclear milestone, so now’s a good time to come up with a name. We’ll also need a name that still works in the event Roe is overturned or severely modified next year – not at all guaranteed, but a plausible scenario.

Additionally, ideas for a good image or logo would help.

All suggestions welcome; please send to


Death Penalty in Oklahoma

Breaking News: Governor Stitt just commuted the death sentence of Julius Jones, thus preventing him from being executed at 4 PM on Thursday, November 18!

Meanwhile, Oklahoma has some especially bad experience with botched executions, and so ACLU Oklahoma is putting together a signature ad: Call on Governor Stitt to Stop Oklahoma Executions. As an organization, we agree with the content of the letter and have signed it.

Of course, we object to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) position on abortion. So we’re writing a separate letter to the abortion-opponent governor, copied to ACLU, explaining how consistently opposing killing helps abortion opposition. Stay tuned.


Our Latest Blog Post

Rachel MacNair offers how Abortion Facilitates Sex Abuse: Documentation. She copies an item from a recent issue of this newsletter, expands on it and provides stories from court cases as evidence for the point: adult men who have sex with under-age teenagers – statutory rape, a felony – use abortion to cover up their crimes. She concludes:

“Proponents of abortion availability need to come to grips with this. Offering instances of those under the age of consent – children too young to do the tasks of motherhood well – as an argument for abortion means ignoring the grim reality that their becoming victims of sex abuse, and therefore impregnated, becomes far more likely when abortion is readily available. Abortion facilitates the crime.
And treating abortion as the solution to the problem, without even bringing up the idea that the crime should be prevented, obviously facilitates the crime even more.”

Quotation of the Week

Carol Crossed

Adding Women to Draft Runs Counter to Principles of Peace

“Your Turn” Guest Columnist, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, October 3, 2021

The Revolution, Susan B. Anthony’s newspaper, had two policies: opposition to “immoral” (abortifacient) medicines and opposition to “standing armies” that took the lives of their husband, sons and brothers . . .

Women have led efforts in peace-making: Negotiating, global awareness, power-sharing and education for nonviolent solutions.

That changed 20 years ago when women were given the “privilege” to be combatants in war. It created a new spin on “freedom of choice” to kill. Are we now required to kill? Equal responsibility has become equal irresponsibility. But that’s OK because it is equal.

Meanwhile, my sisters in the “peace” movement have shifted their focus: Fighting for the equal right to do violence in the womb. We have abandoned our feminine moral compass. Instead of changing the patriarchy, we women have simply adapted to it.


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