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#589 - Peace & Life: Let Us Give Thanks - November 26, 2021

Let Us Give Thanks

Pumpkin in the grass

Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal

In negotiation for years and having finally gotten the needed number of nations ratifying it, the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons went into effect on January 22, 2021. Though the nations that actually possess them didn’t ratify the treaty, the international community has made it clear they should stop.

This is having an impact on finance: $63 billion in investments were moved away from the companies that produce nuclear weapons in the last two years.

March with sign Nukes are not Pro-life

Abortions Way Down in Texas

There are thousands of children alive today, and in a couple of decades there will be thousands of young adults alive, because of the Heartbeat Bill in Texas that brought most abortions there to a grinding halt. Whatever the legal issues involved in the enforcement mechanism, and whatever the fate of this law in the future, we know that the rigid hard-heartedness of the U.S. courts broke down for once.


Death Penalty

Julius Jones

While we’re naturally grateful that Governor Stitt of Oklahoma commuted the death sentence of Julius Jones, so that Julius wasn’t executed on November 18, even more heartening are the actions of ordinary Oklahomans. With severe doubts about his guilt, around 1,800 high school students in 13 schools staged a walkout in protest on behalf of Julius Jones on November 17. School officials had the sense to regard this as a positive. It’s encouraging to see young people caring so much and taking effective action.


Our Latest Blog Post

We feature our Open Letter to Governor Stitt of Oklahoma, sent before Julius Jones' scheduled execution, offering words from pro-lifers making the pro-life case for death penalty abolition.


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Quotation of the Week

Catherine Whitmire

Practicing Peace, 2007

Bayard Rustin, chief organizer of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s March on Washington, D.C., once spent a weekend in New York City doing political canvassing . . . tall tenements loomed over narrow streets, filtering out most of the sunlight and darkening the debris-littered sidewalks. His canvassing partner for the weekend said that for the first hours or so he had a difficult time following Bayard because he was erratic in his canvassing . . . After a while, his canvassing partner recognized the pattern: Bayard walked only on the sunlit side of the street and lingered for a few moments on each corner where he took pleasure in lifting his face toward the sun. After observing Bayard finding enjoyment in difficult circumstances, his canvassing partner concluded that Bayard had the strength to survive the abuse and jail sentences he endured as a civil rights organizer, in large part because he so deeply cherished the gift of life.

Bayard Rustin in center, four children unidentified.
Bayard Rustin in center, four children unidentified.

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