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#635 - Peace & Life: Delving Deeper into CLE - October 28, 2022

Round-up of Resources

Delving Deeper

Into the Consistent Life Ethic


These are blogs from our member groups that will have frequent consistent-life and/or pro-life feminist commentary (in alphabetical order):

And of course we also have a blog; here’s the list of all our posts by topic.


Other Web Resources

The websites of our member groups that focus on the consistent life ethic and/or pro-life feminism are full of good information. We highlight particularly:

Feminists for Life has a page with extensive information on the pro-life predilections of our feminist foremothers, a campaign plan for college campuses, and set of short articles with practical tips called Women Deserve Better.

Life Matters Journal is run by Rehumanize International. This has lengthier articles on aspects of the consistent life ethic, generally organized into theme issues.

Friends Witness for a Pro-life Peace Testimony is a Quaker website (including a Mennonite page). Among its many pages looking at aspects of the consistent life ethic are Pacifism 101 for non-Quaker pro-lifers, and a set of quotations from abortion providers showing that they know it’s killing human beings, sometimes relating it to war.



For many more books on the ethic, on pro-life feminism, and on related issues writing by consistent-life sympathizers, see our Book Recommendations.

Our member group Feminists Choosing Life of New York also has a recommended list.

Here are some major ones:

Book Cover from Consistently Opposing Killing with images of Consistent life protest sign, embryo and death row inmates

Consistently Opposing Killing:

From Abortion to Assisted Suicide, the Death Penalty, and War

Edited by Rachel M. MacNair & Stephen Zunes

Book Cover of Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion with artistic image of a multiple overlapping heads

Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion

Edited by Rachel MacNair

Book cover of Consistently Pro life with image of art depicting battle scene

Consistently Pro-Life: The Ethics of Bloodshed in Ancient Christianity

Written by Rob Arner

Rehumanize book cover

Rehumanize: A Vision to Secure Human Rights for All,

Written by Aimee Murphy


Our Latest Blog Post

Lisa Stiller expresses our common anguish over elections, right at the time when our anguish is highest, in Abortion on the Ballot.

ballot box

Reminder: Since referendums are much easier to decide how to vote on, since they focus on issues directly, we're tracking several, and offering resources to help campaign on them, at:


Quotation of the Week

Juli Loesch (aka Julianne Wiley)

roundtable discussion on "Abortion: A Question of Survival?"

WIN, August 1, 1980

There isn't any societal consensus about abortion becoming illegal. But I think there will be a consensus someday. I think the consensus will be led by people on the Left. And I think they'll be led by feminists, and in particular by women who have had abortions, and by doctors and nurses who have participated in abortion but want to stop it.

Responses/News Tips/Questions to share are all welcome.


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