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#640 - Peace & Life: Anti-War Russians/Euthanasia for Poverty?/She Said - December 2, 2022

No Way to Treat Anti-War Russians

We've said several times that we’re in solidarity with anti-war activists in Russia. Now we find heart-wrenching news – The New York Times reports that many anti-war activists who made it to the United States and requested asylum are being detained. And the detention centers are the exact kinds of circumstances they fled Russia to avoid.

Even in terms of cold-hearted strategy from a war-winning perspective, this is astonishingly unwise. Are U.S. policy makers so blindly focused on weapons – that is, a killing-focused strategy – that they can’t see the glaringly obvious point that anything to help remove public support for wars helps stop wars?

From our warm-hearted perspective, of course, these people are heroes and worth welcoming and treating well.

The good news is that The New York Times covered it. Hopefully more media outlets and social media will pick up on it, and put pressure on the U.S. government to stop this horrendous policy.


Euthanasia for Homelessness?

The logic of killing humans as a problem-solver, when allowed any opening, will take more casualties than originally suggested. In Canada, where they use the euphemism of “Medical Aid In Dying (MAID)” for euthanasia, it’s gone far enough to be applied beyond medical conditions to poverty.

Amir Farsoud standing in front of a brick wall

Amir Farsoud (pictured) was about to lose his house and was considering MAID as an alternative to being homeless. Fortunately, there’s a happy ending, as an outpouring of support got him the finances necessary to keep the house.

How many other people has poverty killed through MAID, without the public knowing?


She Said: In Theaters Now

movie poster for She Said with two women talking in an office

Opposing sexual abuse because it’s horrific, without needing to take anything else into account, is a position taken by most people. But rape has an addition potential lethal consequence: it makes the killing of the unborn child conceived that way much more likely, and more likely to be seen by many as a justified exception. But if the rape never happens, then neither does the abortion. So part of the practice of pro-life ethics is to prevent rape and associated forms of sexual abuse.

Therefore, a well-done movie focused on prevention by investigation and media exposure is a positive from our perspective. She Said covers the journalists who exposed the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The connection is never made – abortion isn’t mentioned at all – but we don’t need connections made explicit to know they’re there.

The portrayal of young mothers handling children (with their husbands) and at the same time handling professional responsibilities shows that having children is no career-blocker.

As an additional positive feature, one of the reporters is pregnant early in the story. It’s a nice touch to have a few seconds of a sonogram showing a delightful bouncing unborn child.


Latest Blog Post

pregnant woman standing in front of a window

Given that so many doctors are insensitive to the lives of unborn children, Ms. Boomer-ang is Asking Questions about Miscarriage and Abortion.


Quotation of the Week

Elizabeth Bruenig speaking into a microphone

Elizabeth Bruenig

The Atlantic, July 9, 2022

The largely progressive politics of life dreamed up by Catholic theologians and mainline Protestants in the first half of the 20th century hoped to unite all sorts of distinct issues—living wages for workers, nuclear disarmament, destroying the draft, eradicating capital punishment—under the principle that human life is good and worth advancing, both in quantity and in quality. Abortion was a concern within that framework.

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