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#655 - Peace & Life: Euthanasia Rule/War Repeal/Sex Trafficking - March 31, 2023

Action – U.S. Government Rule to Impact Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has proposed a new rule about prescribing drugs via telehealth, stating that specific prescriptions can’t be made by telehealth. A doctor must be seen. Those lobbying for assisted suicide want to be able to ship drugs to people without the safeguard of a physician’s examination.

Last year Vermont passed assisted suicide expansion, permitting assisted suicide by telehealth. The DEA proposed policy would prevent Vermont doctors from doing this. And since Vermont has eliminated their residency requirement, Vermont has become a suicide tourist state.

To take action, submit a formal comment supporting the proposed rule change which will prevent Schedule II controlled substances from being prescribed via telehealth.

Link to submit a formal comment supporting the DEA proposed rule.

The deadline is 11:59 tonight - March 31, so please hop right on this.


Good News!

US Senate Votes to Repeal War Authorization

Passed twenty years ago, the authorization giving U.S. presidents a blank check to start wars has caused some horrific results. While putting war decision-making back in the U.S. Congress, as the U.S. Constitution says, is hardly as good a solution as deciding not to commit wars at all, this new move can at least help put a brake on having so many. The vote now goes to the House, but the Senate vote for repeal was 66-30, making it strong and bipartisan.

anti war rally

Feminists Choosing Life of New York

New York state residents, or people who have possibly interested friends in New York, will find this valuable. Those outside New York can take a look at what they’ve done for inspiration.

One of their set of films of interest to everyone is seven minutes, “The Link Between Abortion and Sex Trafficking,” which interviews trafficking survivors from Buffalo, New York.

Chart of issues FCLNY supports

mind map of FCLNY Pro-Peace Programs

Our Latest Blog Post

woman standing in silhouette against sunset sky

Jim Hewes takes a look at abortion pill problems with this approach: Medicine’s Movement towards Abandonment.


Quotation of the Week

"Prevent Unsafe Abortions"

Chicago Sun-Times, October 28, 1989, page 16.

It is true that abortion will go on no matter what the law says. But the same is also true of rape, another violent assault on women and children that is deeply engrained in our culture. Though the law itself cannot eliminate such offenses against human beings, it can refuse to institutionalize them. In this way, it can provide a starting point for their eradication . . . Laws restricting abortion are not a sufficient condition for building a society that respects the lives of women and unborn children. However, they are a necessary one.

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