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#660 - Peace & Life: Panzi/Free Birth/Nuke Threats - May 5, 2023

Consistent Life Action Foundation (CLAF): Pass-through Grants

The CLAF gives grants to directly help those threatened by violence and the people and groups working to assist them. In most cases, by the nature of the violence, this involves a single issue, with perhaps a connection to poverty.

In the case of the Panzi Foundation, however, the issues of war and abortion are connected. Their goal is to end rape as a weapon of war, and they work with survivors of war-motivated rape in the Congo. This includes helping those impregnated by rape with prenatal care and birth, and then helping with the needs of the mothers and their growing children.

A donation of $10,000 was given to CLAF for the purpose of donating it to Panzi. CLAF has mainly dealt with applications from groups that the CLAF committee evaluates. However, you can make a tax-deductible pass-through grant via CLAF to a recipient of your choosing, thus increasing the consistent-life impact of your donation by making CLN the ones who donated to the end recipient. 100% goes to the recipient. You can contribute any amount (we’re currently processing a $25 pass-through grant) to an approved recipient, including any CLN member group and any group to which CLAF has already given a grant.

Panzi Logo with African woman


Make Birth Free

Kristen Day with Don Davis posing with American Flag

Our member group Democrats for Life of America reports they’re promoting their Make Birth Free proposal in the U.S. Congress.

Last week, Executive Director Kristen Day met with Congress member Don Davis (D-NC), pictured.

The proposal goes into detail about the financial costs of childbirth and various suggestions (including adding obstetrics to Medicare) that would remove one of the pressures for abortion – in addition to being a good idea on its own.


Video Series on Death Penalty

Death Penalty Action offers The People vs. The Death Penalty Film Series. These can be useful for social media and other educational efforts.


Our Latest Blog Post

John Whitehead comments on worrying trends in the news: The Logic of Escalation: Nuclear Threats in Belarus and South Korea

two globes with Belarus and South Korea marked


Quotation of the Week

Julianne Wiley

Juli Loesch, currently Julianne Wiley

roundtable discussion: "Abortion: A Question of Survival?" WIN, August 1, 1980,

Slaveholders before the Civil War would say, "Well, look, if you don't want to own slaves, you don't have to own slaves. But you can't expect to take away my freedom to own slaves. I just don't happen to believe they're human beings in the full sense of the word. So you have your beliefs, I have my beliefs, we live in a pluralistic society, don't bug me."


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