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#661 - Peace & Life: Welcome Jack/New Book/AI - May 12, 2023

We Welcome a New Board Member and Secretary: Jack Champagne

Jack Champagne is a staff writer for Rehumanize International and previously a delegate to the American Solidarity Party's national convention. He’s an educator and lawyer whose perspective is formed by advocacy on behalf of death row prisoners, the wrongfully accused, and the formerly imprisoned. He holds a degree in anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

man sitting holding a baby
Jack Champagne and baby Charlotte

New Book: Peace Begins in the Womb

book cover for Peace begins in the womb with pregnant woman

From the book description:

Peace Begins in the Womb: Reflections from a Pro-Life Feminist is a collection of published letters to the editor and articles by Marilyn Kopp, past president of the Ohio chapter of Feminists for Life of America. In this book, Marilyn demonstrates how one can be a feminist and pro-life at the same time and how the principles of each go together.

Pro-life feminism proposes that it’s misogynistic to suggest women are oppressed by their own life-giving capacity. We’ll never be truly free until we acknowledge that the beauty, power and strength of pregnancy is something that deserves to be accommodated and supported, not disparaged and denigrated. A truly just society would address the challenges that unplanned pregnancies present with life-affirming solutions, not with the lethal violence of abortion.

In this book, Marilyn also explores the pro-life roots of the American feminist movement. You are welcome to use the letters and the ideas in them as models to compose your own.


Letter to the Editor: Another concern (albeit less violent) about artificial Intelligence

People use Artificial Intelligence to write "research" papers or to provide the initial framework for research, essays, books, course content, etc.

If someone asks artificial intelligence, "What is the pro-life view about this?" or "Describe the pro-life viewpoint, " will they find only what "gatekeepers " put in AI's "brain"? Are not AI's answers likely to be full of religion, as well as suspicion of democracy? Are not AI's answers likely to uphold (if not magnify) the cruel stereotype of all pro-lifers as religious, fascist-leaning, racist, women haters, (who would instantly change to supporting abortion and euthanasia if their religious leader decided to do so)?

A challenge is to convince AI's gatekeepers to include stereotype-busting information or to start an alternate AI.

-- Ms. Boomer-ang


Our Latest Blog Post

cover of Newsweek magazine with baby in utero


Quotation of the Week

Matthew Barakat

HuffPost, March 10, 2023

Frozen human embryos can legally be considered property, or “chattel,” a Virginia judge has ruled, basing his decision in part on a 19th century law governing the treatment of slaves . . .

He found that before the Civil War, it also applied to slaves. The judge then researched old rulings that governed custody disputes involving slaves, and said he found parallels that forced him to reconsider whether the law should apply to embryos.

In a separate part of his opinion, Gardiner also said he erred when he initially concluded that human embryos cannot be sold.

“As there is no prohibition on the sale of human embryos, they may be valued and sold, and thus may be considered ‘goods or chattels,’” he wrote.

Responses/News Tips/Questions to share are all welcome.


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