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#662- Peace & Life: Safer that Tylenol? Analogy to Radiation - May 19, 2023

Safer than Tylenol?

For those wondering how people make the claim the abortion pill is safer than Tylenol (to the person taking the pill – the baby isn’t considered), here’s how:

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They’re looking at Tylenol overdose deaths, not normal usage as directed. Drugs are well known for being more dangerous when a person overdoses.

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Complications from the abortion pill are under-reported. There’s reason to think this is more so than with other drugs. Dr. Ingrid Skop explains in this video with her experience as a gynecologist.

screenshot from C-Span coverage of testimony

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If any drug other than the abortion pill causes a miscarriage, that’s a major count against its safety. Not so with mifepristone, where a miscarriage is the point. Separate from that, any other pill that caused days of cramping and bleeding wouldn’t be regarded as safe at all, whereas with the abortion pill it shows it’s working as intended.

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A study from a source that concluded the abortion pill should be readily available nevertheless found “Participants made 70 unplanned visits to emergency rooms or urgent care centers for reasons related to the abortion (6%), and ten serious adverse events occurred, including five transfusions (0.4%).” The authors concluded this was a low rate, but for something as dire as emergency room visits, it seems rather high.


Another Case: Radiation

In our predilection for making connections, we point out the long history of claiming human-made nuclear radiation isn’t so dangerous by similarly making unsound comparisons. As put in a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency document: “Exposure increases as you rise farther above sea level to where the atmosphere is thinner. For example, people who live in Denver, Colorado, which is more than 5,000 feet above sea level, are exposed to more cosmic radiation than people living in Chicago, Illinois, which is approximately 700 feet above sea level.”

They neglect that the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, producing plutonium pits, operated just outside Denver from 1952 to 1992. When it was closed, operators pled guilty to violating environmental law, and got a fine which was at that time one of the largest. The source of radiation was far more intense than height above sea level.


Return to the White House Peace Vigil

We resumed our quarterly Vigil to End the Nuclear Danger this past Saturday, May 13th. Our good friends from Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore joined with the Consistent Life Network to speak and hand out leaflets to protest the threat of nuclear weapons. Gathering together again was inspiring, and we invite peace-minded people to join us for our summer vigil. Watch Peace and Life Connections for an announcement of the next vigil date. Contact John Whitehead at if you’re interested.

Pro life advocates with signs for peace

Protesting an Execution

protesters with sign State Sponsored Killing in Wrong
Sister Judy Rimby, Tom Lawlor, Elena Garcia

Our Latest Blog Post

smiling baby with Down Syndrome

Sarah Terzo gives examples of Bigotry against Babies with Down Syndrome, bigotry bad enough to get them killed by abortion.


Quotation of the Week

smiling woman - Graciela Olivarez

Graciela Olivarez

quoted in Betty Liddick, "Abortion Foe Wants Equal Time," Los Angeles Times, June 2, 1972

This business of the poor winding up on welfare rolls, in prisons, battered – it has nothing to do with who conceived the children. It has to do with the kind of opportunities Americans have. We do not have equal opportunities. Abortion is a cruel way out.

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