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#476 Elections

As an Independent: Consistent-Life Candidate for U.S. President At our table at the Wild Goose Festival back in 2015, a fellow named Mark Charles came by our table and made an impression. This is what we said at the time: Bill Samuel reports: “Mark Charles, the Navajo Founder and Director of 5 Small Loaves, pointed out that foundational American documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution dehumanize groups of people such as Native Americans and African-Americans. The 14th Amendment eliminated some of this from the Constitution but Charles pointed out that the Amendment was used in the 1970s to dehumanize the unborn.” Here’s a tweet f

#475 New Zealand, PP & Title X, Immigrants

New Zealand Needs More of Our Insight – Right Now! An extreme abortion bill was introduced in the New Zealand Parliament. It passed its first reading with over 80% voting yes. Public submissions for the bill close on September 19, 2019. Staff has said they’re open to anyone from anywhere in the world submitting comment. Most helpful is expertise and documentation on the trauma of abortion and its ill effects. For more details and a link for online submissions, see Choose Life of New Zealand. Planned Parenthood News As of August 19, U.S. Planned Parenthood withdrew from the government’s Title X program – turning down money to fund non-abortion services to avoid

#474 October Conferences, PP Workers Unhappy

October Conferences We encourage you to consider coming to these conferences. We’ll have a presence at each, so if you’d like to hook up with us, let us know at October 11-13, Dallas Texas: Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Pro-Life Conference Sponsored by Sidewalk Advocates for Life (not a CLN member group), 2nd annual conference October 18-20, New Orleans, LA Rehumanize Conference on Life, Peace, and Justice Sponsored by Rehumanize International (definitely a CLN member group) 6th annual conference Photo from last month’s Democrats for Life 2nd annual conference The Discontent of Planned Parenthood Workers An online women's magazine, Verily,

#473 Nagasaki, Pro-life Dems, Burnout

Last Deliberate Use of Nukes Against Humans: Nagasaki Today, August 9, is the 74th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki. In our blog post this week, put up on August 6, the anniversary of the first deliberate bombing of human beings in Hiroshima, John Whitehead compiled quotations in “Everybody Else in the World Was Dead”: Hiroshima’s Legacy. He includes stories from hibakusha – atom bomb survivors – plus quotations linking nuclear weapons and abortion; we include another in the Quotation of the Week below. May this date ever remain the last time nuclear weapons are deliberately targeted against human beings. Nuclear Debate During the Demo

#472 Conference Adventures, Burnout

DFLA “Pro-Life for the Whole Life” Conference Member group Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) held their annual conference, organized around the theme of “Pro-Life for the Whole Life,” on July 19-20, in Lansing, Michigan. Consistent Life President John Whitehead spoke on the consistent life ethic. Representatives of other member groups, such as And Then There Were None, Feminists Choosing Life of New York, and Secular Pro-Life, also spoke, as did past and present Democratic politicians. Member group Rehumanize International was also present. The conference attracted some notable criticism, as demonstrated by an anti-DFLA billboard ad close to the conference center. The

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