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#517 Supreme Court rulings

U.S. Supreme Court: Migrants While we don’t take a position on non-lethal aspects of immigration policy, we have a longstanding opposition to deadly racism: The callousness of border control causes hundreds of deaths. The treatment of pregnant women in custody can put them in danger of miscarriages. Eugenics is a root cause of both abortion promotion and of hostility to immigrants. The policies of child separation from families and refusing asylum seekers are cruel. Therefore, preventing the end (at least for now) of the DACA program – thereby protecting migrants brought to the U.S. as children – could help enhance a more humane view toward migrants. U.S. Supreme Court: Big Aborti

#516 Referendums, Telehealth, Just Mercy

Update on Peace & Life Referendums Good news! In Colorado, where the Prohibition of Late-term Abortions needed 10,000 more signatures, and turned in over 48,000, Initiative 120 is officially on the ballot for November 3, 2020. Also in Colorado, a group is gathering signatures for paid family and medical leave. We’ve added a topic page for why this is important against poverty, abortion, and euthanasia. This includes portions of a supportive speech by Rep. Henry Hyde. Update on Grassroots Defunding: Telehealth Planned Parenthood has been developing telehealth options for a while now, but now due to Covid-19 restrictions this has accelerated dramatically – avail

#515 Brutality, Covid Advice, Nukes

Around the Web: Opposing Police Brutality * Referring to Louisiana state senator Katrina Jackson (pictured): Racial justice is a pro-life issue, says leading pro-life legislator. * A blog post in The Minimise Project of Ireland expounds on Responding to police brutality as pro-life advocates. They quote from our statement, among others. * Historian Josh Marshall connects racism to war in Militarized Policing and Bringing the War Home. * An article from 6 years ago points out that Tear Gas Is an Abortifacient. Unfortunately, this is in the magazine The Nation, which is hostile to pro-lifers and casts the issue as an attack on our inaction about this. This is no way to be persuasive.

#514 George Floyd, Referendums

Lethal Racism, Yet Again: The Murder of George Floyd We once again grieve the brutal murder of an African-American by police. We have released an official statement decrying the lethal racism. Among our member groups that have also done so: Pax Christi USA Feminists for Life Democrats for Life PLAGAL+ – Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians Several supporters in Valparaiso, Indiana (top picture below) got excellent local news coverage. Lisa Stiller (pictured above right) was near Portland, Oregon. Rachel MacNair (bottom left) joined thousands in Kansas City, Missouri. Julia Smucker (bottom right) joined the City Hall protest in Portland, Maine. The world-wide upsurge of prot

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