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#315 Conventions, Elections, Mourning Again - June 17, 2016

Conventions Are Coming We have plans to be outside at both the U.S. major party political conventions this July, to educate whatever delegates, protesters, and journalists are willing to take our lit or to dialog. The more people that come, the better! Every individual can make a difference, and it’s an opportunity to be a part of historical experiences. For those interested in joining, the contacts are Republicans in Cleveland, July 18-21: Aimee Murphy, send note to and we'll forward Democrats in Philadelphia, July 25-28: Rob Arner, (540) 742-2697,

Photos - Left: Aimee Murphy, Right: Rob Arner and his kids


Election Materials Ready We have: ∞ Bumper Stickers (pictured below) that say “We’re Pro-Life Peace Voters. Where Are Our Candidates?” ∞ Postcard-size cards that outline our ideal candidate ∞ Two brochures of similar design, but one designed for peace advocates, and the other for pro-life advocates. The peace brochure gives quotations from abortion providers that relate their own work to war and violence (there’s also a web page that has more, and another quotation below). The pro-life brochure discusses how war kills unborn children, both directly and by pressuring women to get abortions. All of these are designed so they’ll work for any elections – those of other years, and those of other countries. They simply refer to elections without identifying which ones. Anyone needing one or many bumper stickers, cards or brochures can contact Thad Crouch at (512) 971-5691 (US Central Time Zone), Donations for the cost not required, but much appreciated. We’re planning to put up a web page with resources to download and print up, so stay tuned.


We Mourn Again The massacre in Orlando, death toll of 49, done with a weapon designed for killing massive numbers quickly, once again breaks our hearts. The outpouring of love and support by so many in the community is comforting These shooting sprees often lead some to call for greater military-style security measures, but this incident actually shows one of the biggest weaknesses of that approach: since 2007, the perpetrator worked for G4S, one of the largest security employers in the world. Security techniques only work so long as the people running them care about protecting human life. This worthy insight was offered in a June 13, 2016 press release of AGUILAS: “According to all news reports to date the perpetrator and murderer had a history of domestic violence, a history of verbal expressions of hate to those who were LGBT and of different ethnic groups. Strangely there have been no media reports of [anyone] encouraging him to obtain help or counseling about his disturbed thinking and verbal hatred. This seems to be a pattern consistent with other perpetrators of similar horrific events. Perhaps if persons encouraged him collectively and individually to seek counseling or professional assistance in order to address his personal difficulties this tragedy at Orlando Florida could have been avoided.”


Quotation of the Week Alan Guttmacher Quoted in Alicia Armstrong, “Updated Abortion Laws Asked,” Milwaukee Journal, May 5, 1961 Editor’s note: This is another in a set where abortion doctors justify their work by relating it to war. I don’t like killing. I don’t like to do abortions, but many of you people fought in World War II and killed because you wanted to preserve something more important. I think a mother’s life is more important than a fetus.


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