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#321 Outreach at Party Conventions - July 29, 2016

Republicans Last Week Aimee Murphy gives more detail on actions at the Republican Convention (see photos in last week’s issue): “Members of our team were interviewed by Vox (twice!), Reuters, Newsweek, Glamour, Playboy, the Stream, PJ News, Education Weekly, and other smaller media outlets. We had great conversations all around, even with people that disagreed vehemently with us. A lot of people like our Consistent Life Ethic perspective and will say things like ‘I hadn't thought of it that way before, I like it.’ And my favorite: ‘You ladies are really *cool!* Like I just want to hang out with you and talk.’ I, of course, would be pro-life even if it were the uncoolest thing in the world, because in the end it is morally right. But part of making our culture pro-life is making pro-life ‘cool’ and socially acceptable. I smiled to know that even people that disagree with us like us because we have ‘a peace about us’ (a quote from one person with whom we had a conversation).”

Jason Jones did a short interview with the four women on the team, focused on liberal/conservative/libertarian perspectives on the consistent life ethic. Pictured, a screenshot with Aimee Murphy in the middle.


Democrats This Week The women from Life Matters Journal who were in Cleveland last week were in Philadelphia for the convention this week. In addition, locals Rob Arner and Ed Bell were there. Rob Arner (CL board member) regales his experiences in this week’s CL blog. Lisa Stiller, also a CL board member, was a Sanders delegate from Oregon, and she reports talking up the consistent life ethic among the delegates – more details to come when she’s no longer exhausted from the very full week.

Christina Healy interviewed

Christina Healy (right) being interviewed outside Democratic Convention


Notable Media Attention CL Endorser Charles Camosy published an interview with CL Endorser Kristen Day, Executive Director of CL member group Democrats for Life. The Slot / Jezebel, not normally a friend to pro-life concerns, published “Democrats for Life Just Want to Be Included, and They have a Good Reason for Why They Should Be.”

Mother Jones published an article entitled: “Is the Democratic Party Abandoning Pro-Life Voters? A few anti-abortion Democrats in Philadelphia say the party's stance on abortion is endangering its future.” They argued against some of the points pro-life Democrats made, but that’s generally to the better. They actually allowed the points to be made.


Quotation of the Week Joanna Rothkopf, The Slot / Jezebel, July 27, 2016 Democrats for Life Just Want to Be Included [Louisiana governor John Bel] Edwards managed to win a staunchly conservative state despite his support of Barack Obama, Medicaid expansion, increasing the minimum wage, gender pay equality, and on reducing the number of people incarcerated in the state. He feels that his progressive platform coupled with his pro-life record helped him win the governorship. . . . “I don’t like the labels ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ because I get asked all the time, ‘Are you a conservative democrat?’ ‘Are you a liberal?’” he continued. “I say, ‘Well, you ask me about an issue and I’ll tell you where I stand on that issue and you decide yourself whether I’m conservative or liberal, because on the pro-life issue, the Catholic Christian faith that informs my views and helps me to being pro-life also tells me that the Medicaid expansion was the right thing to do. One of those positions is typically referred to as being very conservative and the other one is very liberal but they come from the same place.”


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