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#364 Not Squelched, Ecology, Men May Say? - June 9, 2017

We Keep Our Custom of Not Being Squelched – June 17 CL member group Rehumanize International tried to be a co-sponsor of the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb in New York City, but was turned down for being pro-life. We’ve become used to this over the decades, and our custom is to show up as a contingent with signs, supporting the marches even if we’re not welcome. For those who’d like to join the contingent in New York, email CJ Williams or call her at 854-302-0466. We won’t be kicked out of the upcoming June 17 vigil in Washington D.C., because we’re among the sponsors of it. That event will be from 10 am to 12 pm on June 17, in front of the White House. Email John Whitehead. The date of June 17 is important because of the United Nations treaty negotiations on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.


We’ve Updated Our Main Brochure – Available on the Web When you want to leaflet a certain place, or lay out brochures on a table at an event, we have an updated brochure that explains the basics, which you can download and print as needed; it's two-sided, so print both sides and fold into thirds. We also have a page of a variety of downloadable resources, so you can select what’s most suitable to the occasion.

New Consistent Life Network main brochure


Our Conference: "Creating a Holistic Culture of Life: Bridging the Life/Peace Divide" The Consistent Life Network's 30th anniversary conference is August 4-6 at Eastern University near Philadelphia. We’ve added another speaker: Cassandra Hill (pictured below), Pastor of Covenant Freedom Church in Lansdowne, PA. She’s been involved in issues of mental health, hunger, homelessness and racism. John Carr will speak Saturday night. Shane Claiborne, founding partner of the Simple Way Community will be among Saturday morning's panelists, along with Kristen Day with Democrats for Life of America, and Jessica McCauley-Benner with Feminists for Life. See the tentative conference schedule. A new workshop was just added: Meeting the Challenge of Speaking about Peace: How to Speak to the Other Side. We offer sliding-scale registration fees, and housing/meals are all available at Eastern University. We want everyone who would like to attend to be able to do so; financial assistance is available. Email Lisa Stiller if you have any questions. The earlier you register, the more it helps in planning, so if you know you’re coming, do please register right away.

Pastor Cassandra Hill


Connecting Unborn Babies and Environmental Concerns Fetuses usually have no problem being recognized as children when abortion isn’t the topic. The New York Times has a recent article making a pitch for ecology by pointing out that “The Womb Is No Protection from Toxic Chemicals.”


Latest CL Blog: What Do Men Have to Say on Abortion? You’ve heard it so many times – women are the only ones who get pregnant, so why are men butting in to say they’re against abortion? Rachel MacNair proposes we turn this around: it’s the men who like how abortion makes women into re-usable sex objects that need to be careful what they say. Three limericks help illustrate the point.


Quotation of the Week Wesley Smith Pro-lifers: Get Out of Medicine!First Things, May 12, 2017 There is a reason that moral diversity is under attack in health care. When doctors refuse to abort a fetus, participate in assisted suicide, excise healthy organs, or otherwise follow their consciences about morally contentious matters, they send a powerful message: Just because a medical act is legal doesn’t make it right. Such a clarion witness is intolerable to those who want to weaponize medicine.


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