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#385 Undocumented, Sex Abuse, Peace Studies - November 3, 2017

Putting Respect Life & Social Justice Together The latest video from our 30th anniversary conference has a session focused on Catholics: how do Catholic consistent-lifers bridge the divide often found between some respect life and social justice ministries, organizations, and diocesan offices.

Left to right: Thad Crouch, Evelyn Brush, Mary Rider, Fran Meier


The Unborn and the Undocumented: A Lament The recent incident of an undocumented teenager seeking and obtaining an abortion, reported in national news outlets, risks creating an ideological split between pro-life and pro-immigrant advocates. This essay by CLN board member Julia Smucker illustrates the importance of keeping these concerns together by lamenting the unjust dehumanization of all the vulnerable, including both the unborn and the undocumented. (See quotation below.)


Sex Abuse Scandals CLN Endorser Jim Wallis of Sojourners magazine makes a pertinent comment about the recent spate of men accused of sexual harassment: “Many male commentators say they are coming forward to speak out because ‘I have daughters’ — they point to their daughters, wives, sisters, and other women in their lives whose assault or abuse would directly affect them. Of course, they want them to feel safe; I also have a wife and three sisters and understand that perspective. But I also am horrified by these realities because I have sons. The toxic masculinity that infuses our culture encourages and excuses the abuse of power.”


Peace Studies Rachel MacNair set up our table at the Peace & Justice Studies Association, October 26-28 (pictured). She used a technique that’s proven successful in the past: she put out 36 copies of the book Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion, with an offer for complimentary copies for those attending the conference. The book includes both pro-life and pro-choice perspectives, so it can be appreciated by anyone who wants to know about different perspectives. For many people, that’s the only way they’ll listen to a pro-life viewpoint. All the books were taken. While past experience shows that people outside of peace studies aren’t particularly interested in the book, peace studies people generally find it a thought-provoking approach.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Using Empathy during a New Cold War CLN president John Whitehead points out the importance of empathy in understanding why people do violent things – something crucial to every one of our issues, of course – and applies it to comprehending Russia’s point of view about recent US actions.


Quotation of the Week Julia Smucker The Unborn and the Undocumented: A Lament Vox Nova, October 26, 2017

It shouldn’t take such a thoroughly lamentable situation to illustrate why pro-life and pro-immigrant concerns must accompany each other (as I’ve said before, for similar reasons, about being pro-life and pro-poor). If either is truly rooted in concern for the vulnerable, it must include the other. It is no help to the unborn to deprive their parents of the basic necessities to safely bear and support their children, or to castigate them for needing help. It is no help to those who are disempowered by socioeconomic or immigration status to tell them their children are better off dead.


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