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#485 Dresden Bombing & Fetal Corpses November 1, 2019

Reactions to the Dresden Bombing/Fetal Corpses Connection Last week’s quotation, plus this week’s below, is about Ulrich Klopfer, the abortionist whose recent death led to discovering thousands of babies’ bodies stored. Two commentaries - Richard Stith: This reminds me of the public statements of our local Valparaiso abortionist of many decades, Dr. Frank Behrend. His family escaped from the Holocaust in Germany during his childhood. The guy clearly was affected by his experience. He later justified his abortion practice by comparing it to Hiroshima and to a firing squad, pointing out that, although he is indeed killing human beings, the legal killing of human beings is not uncommon in Western society. Like Dr. Klopfer, my wife, Rosemarie, (barely) survived the bombing of Dresden, as an almost three-year-old child. Her memories have always prevented her from seeing war movies. Moreover, as an adult, she found herself not only strongly anti-abortion but also a total pacifist [see video of her artwork]. It seems like similar experiences may lead to very different effects.

Rosemarie & Richard Stith staff CLN table

Rachel MacNair: Some journalists wonder if we’ll ever know why he did this hoarding. I’m not puzzled at all. They also report he had an explosive temper with protesters. He had races with other abortionists about getting large numbers of abortions in. His obsessions were a repetition of the formational Dresden trauma. These are all symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress. I’ve collected many other examples; I have a page of examples and a basic explanation about people committing different kinds of socially-approved killing.


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So much of the advocacy for assisted suicide focuses on the “right” of people to die, without considering the right of people with disabilities to have the same suicide prevention services that able-bodied people get. Our writer this week, having received suicide prevention services before disability, wonders “Will I be Treated the Same Way Now?


Dems for Life – Larger Rally in Atlanta Our member group, Democrats for Life, has been making a habit of having rallies outside the Democratic presidential debates to raise pro-life issues. They report they have almost 300 people signed up for the upcoming one in Atlanta, November 20.


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Quotation of the Week Michael Tarmo Doctor who kept fetuses is vilified in life and death Associated Press, October 25, 2019

Some who knew him recall the German-born [Ulrich] Klopfer as a lonely, enigmatic figure. Unprompted, he would often tell how he took shelter as a 4-year-old when Allied planes bombed his hometown of Dresden during World War II. He would describe emerging three days later with buildings smoldering around him, bodies in the rubble. When anti-abortion physician Geoffrey Cly met Klopfer in 2008 to discuss concerns that Klopfer’s procedures were endangering patients’ health, Klopfer immediately brought up the 1945 raids on Dresden, in which some 25,000 people died. “How is the suffering from the bombing by the Americans in Dresden any different than the suffering of women by unwanted babies?” Cly recalled Klopfer saying.

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