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#471 PP, Immigrants, CJ Williams, Why Not Ended?

Planned Parenthood Watch The good news: the new regulation prohibiting the use of Title X family-planning funds for places that do abortions, which had an injunction against it, had that injunction removed on July 12, 2019, by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court. The regulation goes into effect while it's being appealed. Just as much money can go to family planning; non-abortion places will now have more access to the funds. Planned Parenthood has declared it won’t take the funds. News that’s probably neither good nor bad, but interesting, is that PP has fired Dr. Leana Wen (pictured) as president after only 8 months. Dr. Wen attributes this essentially to her desire to see abortion as hea

#470 Not Silent on Border, Wild Goose

Silent No More - Silence was Never! On July 13, Kendra Stanton Lee wrote an op-ed entitled The “Pro-Life” Movement Is Silent About Children Dying at the Border. She changed her mind. The July 16 essay is entitled I called the pro-lifers silent. Then I heard them roar. As she puts it: “By the time my essay calling out pro-life silence was published, though, it was clear much was happening under the banner of pro-life. My social media and inbox were filling to the brim with roaring dissent. Some pro-lifers came in peace. Some came with pitchforks. There were plenty of pro-lifers with boots on the ground, they said, rallying to help the plight of the asylum

#469 Ireland, Quakers, Seeds of Peace

A Consistent Life Ethic Message in Ireland Disability Voices for Life participated in the Irish Pro-Life March in Dublin this past weekend and displayed a banner with an unambiguously consistent-life-ethic message, as shown in the photo below. Michael O’Dowd, who carried the banner along with his son Conor, reports that the banner “evoked considerable comment and support.” Linking disability rights with protecting the preborn is a crucial connection, and Disability Voices for Life is doing vital work by making this connection and presenting it so prominently. When Quakers are unFriendly CLN member group Friends Witness for a Prolife Peace Testimony had an unstaffed li

#468 Actions for 2020

2020: Albuquerque Actions Mark your calendars now, if coming to either of these interests you; we’ve already started to line up local hospitality. Both involve groups and endorsers that are sympathetic to the consistent life ethic (CLE), but that must deal with many constituents who don’t understand the case against abortion. Yet to these endorsers, directly making the full case for the CLE to their own groups is a skill they haven’t yet developed. So it’s our job to help. If you’re interested, let us know at . May 15-17, Conspire conference Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) CAC is a member group, and CAC founder Richard Ro

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