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#491 Holiday Issue - Xmas, Alternative to Empire

Holiday Issue Note: Due to the holidays, Peace & Life Connections won’t be published on the next two Fridays, and will start the new year on Friday, January 3, 2020. If you haven’t yet made an end-of-year donation to us, we would greatly appreciate it. You can donate online or find the details on mailing a check Christmas as a Nonviolent Alternative to Imperialism Imperial “Peace” This is a declaration about celebrating the birthday of Emperor Augustus. It comes from the League of Asian Cities in 9 B.C.E. (“Asian” in the Roman empire meaning eastern Turkey and its surroundings). Emphasis ours: Since the providence that has divinely ordered our existence has applied her en

#490 War Referendums, Euthanasia & Poverty

Upcoming Referendums The U.S. is having a major election November 3, 2020, and we started a list of U.S. state referendums in a blog post. We plan to launch a website called Peace & Life Referendums on January 6. We’ve been highlighting some of the possibilities weekly; there will be quite a set of abortion referendums, and ones relating to poverty and racism, and even a couple on abolishing slavery completely. This week: War If there’s anything that can be said about war, it’s that it’s never directly on the ballot. Citizens aren’t usually consulted. But there are related matters worth attention. These are gathering signatures, so they might be on the ballot. Arizona - Prevent Minin

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