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#521 Removing Racism from Honor

Removing Racism from Places of Honor If removing statues and renaming things is all that happens, that would be disappointing. But most needed changes will take time. Doing this much is quick, tangible, relatively easy, and long-lasting. There was a 2015 letter to the Smithsonian signed by several Black ministers saying, “We are writing to ask that Margaret Sanger’s likeness be removed . . . Her bust should not be part of the Gallery’s ‘Struggle for Justice’ exhibit.” More recently, interest has revived in moving the bust. This idea received a huge boost from Planned Parenthood itself on July 21. Their center in Manhattan used to be named for Margaret Sanger, bu

#519 Online Conference/Racism

Rehumanize International 2020 Conference Our member group Rehumanize International has offered marvelous annual conferences, but can’t do a normal one now with the Covid crisis. So they’ll do a one-day online conference August 29. You can register here. More Practical Tips from Feminists for Life From our member group Feminists for Life: “Our pandemic coverage continues, but we have expanded into other pressing news as well, with a focus on the elderly and communities of color.” American Indian Women and Men: Know Where to Seek Help in a Crisis Teaching About Race — from the Inside Out What You Need to Know About Hospice Practical Tips When Caring for Our Elders Do Stats J

#518 Supreme Court Disappoints/OK pass Medicaid Expansion

The U.S. Supreme Court Disappoints Again Last Monday, the Court’s decision on abortion protections was to eschew them in favor of precedent – even if a decision was wrongly decided, we’re stuck with it for the sake of stability. The Court also turned away an appeal on lethal injection protocols for federal executions. We’ve compiled thoughts from many places in our latest blog post, June 29: Double Day of Death Dealing at the Supreme Court. See also a beautiful picture in this New York Times article, and the Quotation below. PBS – Not Quite Neutral The PBS NewsHour ran What Supreme Court decision on Louisiana law means for U.S. abortion rights. The good news: They did offer this helpful sta

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