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#383 Noncooperation with Planned Parenthood - October 20, 2017

Noncooperation with Planned Parenthood: Campaign Kicks Off

P&LC subscribers should have received a Special Issue announcing the campaign, and we hope people will consider what kinds of things they might be inspired to do locally – or at least, will consider who else they know that might be inspired, and send those people on to the web page:

We want to emphasize how important it is just to take a few minutes to check out the listings in your own location (town, city, or state) to let us know what locals know and the web won’t tell us. We got one correction, for example, on the community health center “nearest” to Glen Cove, New York: “It may be 9.14 miles as the crow flies or the fish swim (across the Long Island Sound), but it isn't 'near' Glen Cove - requiring a long traffic-filled drive including costly toll over a bridge to get to Port Chester. You list many other CHCs on Long Island that are closer.” We didn’t even know Glen Cove was on Long Island, but of course the people who live there have such details down pat. So the quality of our listings can shoot up with just a few minutes of your time. Other groups’ blog posts have covered this campaign: Vox Nova Secular Pro-Life We encourage others to write this up as well, post it to Facebook, and mention it on Twitter.


Latest CLN Blog Post Rachel MacNair recounts the story of how the idea of our Grassroots Defunding campaign developed into "Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood." This might also be a good blog post to send people to in order for them to learn about the campaign.


Quotation of the Week Mary Krane Derr “A Lost Source of Strength and Power: The Long Feminist Tradition of Nonviolent Response to Crisis Pregnancy” Chapter 1, Swimming against the Tide: Feminist Dissent on the Issue of Abortion

The present-day war over abortion leaves

the distinct impression that we may not affirm women’s full personhood, especially their sexual well-being and their capacity as moral agents, without dismissing unborn children as clumps of insensate tissue. Nor may we affirm the right of unborn babies to live without trivializing the suffering that pregnancy can occasion in women’s lives or, worse, proclaiming that they deserve such suffering for their sexual “wickedness.” Like the purported “choice” between abortion and childbirth itself, this side-taking is forced by a (so-called) civilization stuck in violent “answers” to difficult, complex matters of social justice. It mutilates the intelligence and compassion of those who see no other way to deal with the abortion issue. Even worse, it leaves the root causes of abortion untouched.


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