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#584- Peace & Life: CL Kids!/UN & Disabilities/Shouting - October 22, 2021

CL Kids!

Open-minded educators and parents who are passionate about the dignity of human life, peace, the environment, and all the other life issues are joining soon in a new forum for free-wheeling conversations across the usual divides.

The Consistent Life Network is launching an online community for confidential sharing with peers who want wider horizons for the rising generations. This will be a safe space for honest sharing, with mutually agreed ground rules and skilled facilitators on tap.

Our goal is a community of life-loving parents, educators, and others who work with youth at all ages and stages – not necessarily like minded, but open to common ground and evolving possibilities.


United Nations Committee on the Rights of People with Disabilities

In a summary of the clash between the UN’s work to respect the rights of people with disabilities and the push for abortion, Eugenic Abortion Violates Human Rights, author Grégor Puppinck points out that

“Killing a baby is horrible. Killing a baby solely because of his or her race, sex, or disability is even worse. This truth is difficult to avoid, and it is one of the main issues debated in the ‘abortion worldwide fight’ that is going on at the United Nations.”

Shout your Abortion?

sculpture of woman with fist raised
Sculpture by Rosemarie Stith

CLN Board member Richard Stith comments (in an upcoming letter in First Things):

“This contemporary laudation of abortion is not an accidental development. Abortion’s mere legality would not make women’s careers end up identical to men’s. Women must be made ready and willing to choose abortion if they are not to fall a step behind their male colleagues. From the beginning, shouting was required to prepare women set for killing.”

Richard notes that a similar sort of shouting in preparation for killing occurs in the basic training of soldiers.


Our Latest Blog Post

Images of two people with pro life t-shirts "Your Baby Matters"
Rosemarie & Richard Stith

Setting aside the question of whether or not abortion means killing a baby, what happens when people agree that that’s exactly what it means, but then say that’s OK? What does that do to our tolerance for other kinds of killing? Richard Stith considers these questions in Pro-lifers for Choice are Dangerous.


Quotation of the Week

Benjamin Watson

Newsweek, October 13, 2021

[This woman’s] story is telling. It reveals the dark truth behind abortion: that it enables a culture of sexual abuse and relationship dysfunction that always terminates in heartbreak, sadness, shame and injury. The abortion industry doesn't want us to think holistically about sex and pregnancy; it wants us to sexualize women while pathologizing motherhood, to adulate abortion providers while ignoring the circumstances that lead to abortion—circumstances that could, and should, have been different.

Here's the problem, as I see it: behind every pregnancy there's always at least one man, and all too often, abortion obscures his role in creating conditions wherein a woman feels that abortion is her only option. What's worse, by treating abortion like a quick fix for pregnancy, the abortion industry, and the pro-choice narrative that protects it, indirectly support the men who create these conditions—conditions of neglect, loneliness and sorrow.


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