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#606 - Peace & Life: 5 babies/soldiers refusing/Down syndrome support - April 8, 2022

Five Babies’ Bodies in D.C. Apartment

There’s been much in the news about how the fetal remains from five late-term abortions ended up in the apartment of a pro-lifer in Washington D.C. and are now with the police department. The media doesn’t appear to be adept at getting the story straight.

A blog post from our member group Rehumanize International explains Executive Director Herb Geraghty’s understanding in detail: Lauren Handy, PAAU, and the Fetal Remains.


Open Letter from U.S. Veterans to Russian Soldiers

US veterans who’ve refused to participate in aggressive wars wrote an open letter encouraging Russian soldiers to do the same. It’s published in Russian and English. The English version:

Dear fellow soldiers and officers:
We write as former soldiers and veterans of U.S. wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Many of us publicly protested and refused to participate in those wars. Some of us were punished or imprisoned for our dissent and acts of resistance, but we could not in good conscience support what we considered unjust wars of aggression against the peoples of Vietnam and Iraq.
You have been ordered to participate in a war of aggression against the people of Ukraine. No soldier or officer should be required to fight in such an unjust mission.
We recognize that there have been provocations from the West, including the expansion of NATO, which many of us oppose, but there is no legal justification under the UN Charter for the military actions of the Russian government against Ukraine.
The International Court of Justice at the Hague has ordered Russia to halt its invasion, citing the lack of evidence to justify the attack.
The orders you have received to invade and attack the people of Ukraine are in violation of international law.
We urge you to listen to your conscience and follow the path of justice and truth.
We stand in solidarity with you and all fellow soldiers and officers who support the cause of peace.
Cover of Letter to Russian Soldiers with text and image of two children huddled together

The Country’s President Walks Her to School

The North Macedonian President, Stevo Pendarovsky, heard of a girl, Embla Ademi, being bullied at her school because she has Down Syndrome. He didn’t merely take a bureaucratic response – he showed the country how important being kind and inclusive is. He walked with her to school.

As it says in North Macedonia’s official press release:

The President stressed the importance of complying with the legal provisions of inclusion in education, emphasizing social responsibility, especially to vulnerable groups.
The President said that the behavior of those who endanger children’s rights is unacceptable, especially when it comes to children with atypical development. They should not only enjoy the rights they deserve, but also feel equal and welcome in the school desks and schoolyard . . . the key element in this common mission is empathy. It will help children like Embla, but it will also help us learn from them how to sincerely rejoice, share and be in solidarity.
North Macedonian President, Stevo Pendarovsky walking child with Down syndrome to school


Our Latest Blog Post

Sculpture of woman shouting with hand raised in a fist

Richard Stith discusses using art to convey needed truths in “Behind and Beyond the Shout for Abortion: We need works of art that convey the radical horror of abortion.”


Quotation of the Week

Roxanne Stone

Religion News Service

This parallels a growing trend in the pro-life conversation among Christians to include torture and the death penalty as well as abortion. For many younger Christians, the death penalty is not a political dividing point but a human rights issue.


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