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#613 - Peace & Life: Shooting/Planned Parenthood centers closing - May 27, 2022

Another One-Time One-Man Mini-War

Schoolchildren in Texas. And we mourned another just last week.

Yet mass shootings are 1.2% of all shootings; shootings are normally one at a time, constantly. More Americans have died of gun violence since 1970 (1.4 million) than combat deaths going back to 1776 (1.3 million).

Many things need to be done: addressing gun safety, bullying in schools, mental health, racist presumptions, etc.

But one major factor is society using violence as a role model. War, glamorizing war weapons, the death penalty, and abortion put violence as a problem-solver on some people’s minds.

Our member group Pax Christi USA has a good statement.


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Pregnant women and women with children


Update on Grassroots Defunding

background of grass field with words Grassroots Defunding Campaign Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood A Consistent Life Network Project

If May 2 (the day of the leaked Dobbs opinion) is the beginning of the post-Roe era, then for Planned Parenthood center closures, it’s begun – 7 in all for now. The locations in Soldotna, Alaska and Boise, Idaho are slated to close on May 31. On June 12, it’s four in Vermont and one in New Hampshire.

Find your state for PP centers matched to nearby Community Health Centers.


Update on Referendums

See Peace & Life Referendums for the full scoop.

ballot box

Arizona is joining Michigan in having people gather signatures to put a “right to abortion” state constitutional amendment on the ballot; the Vermont legislature has already put this on November’s ballot. Doing the opposite: Kansas and Kentucky have No Right to Abortion measures on the ballot this year. See more on abortion in state constitutions.

ballot box

California, in addition to having the legislature considering a pro-abortion state constitutional amendment, is thankfully also proposing a minimum wage hike, which by addressing poverty among working people will help pregnant women make life-affirming choices.


Blog Post

We have an unusual post this week: PowerPoint slides with quotations about racism and abortion in Racism Kills: Several Perspectives. These are good graphics, and we encourage you to select ones you like and spread them on social media.


Quotation of the Week

Charles Camosy

The New York Times, May 10, 2022

Economically disadvantaged women get hit with the proverbial double whammy when it comes to abortion. They are much more anti-abortion, on average, than those in more privileged classes. But they are also much more at risk from interrelated structural pressures that lead to many abortions: intimate partner violence, food insecurity, lack of child care options, limited job prospects, poor housing, mass incarceration and more.

Their stance in favor of prenatal justice is ignored (or even derided) by most progressives, while their call for economic justice is ignored (or even derided) by most conservatives. The pro-life movements – which are ideologically and politically diverse – must be the political force that breaks up this toxic binary. We must put ourselves at the service of women who are, diabolically, coerced into having abortions that they think are morally wrong.


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