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#614 - Peace & Life: New Book/Bob Aldridge/More PPs close - June 3, 2022

A Book with a Vision

Aimee Murphy, founder of our member group Rehumanize International, has a new consistent-life book coming out this July! It’s entitled Rehumanize: A Vision to Secure Human Rights for All. She’s going on tour to several cities to promote it, August 22-December 14, 2022.

Aimee Murphy and her new book Rehumanize

Rest in Peace: Bob Aldridge

Bob Aldridge

One of our endorsers, Bob Aldridge, was active with member group Pax Christi. He died at age 98 on April 22. In this 1976 article, Bob talks about his work as an engineer for Lockheed and his liberation from the military-industrial complex: The Courage to Start. See Quotation of the Week below.


Finding “Rights”

Seth Meyers

In a May 25 segment, comedian Seth Meyers makes the case that when the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) found in the Second Amendment a right for individuals to own guns, disregarding the “well-regulated” term in the amendment, they just made up a new right and ignored what the Constitution actually says. He thinks SCOTUS should overrule that precedent. Meyers doesn’t think to apply this to Roe v. Wade – he argues the opposite when Roe comes up. Suddenly, keeping precedent becomes very important then. But the idea of overturning bad precedent applies in both cases.


More Updates on Grassroots Defunding

background of grass field with words Grassroots Defunding Campaign Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood A Consistent Life Network Project

Last week we mentioned 7 Planned Parenthood centers closing, but we missed 3 more in Indiana (Columbus, Gary, and Michigan City). After May 2, there are at least 10 centers (5 each in 2 affiliates). See the full list here, plus all those closed since the start of Covid. Find your state for PP centers matched to nearby Community Health Centers.

Rachel MacNair has been tracking all PP centers for this project on their official website since 2017 and reports that, while a handful of new ones have opened, closings have been common over time. She observes: “In all the dozens of closings, I’ve seen them referring people to other PP centers that now might be several hours drive away. I have not once – not once – seen them recommend local medical places that could more conveniently provide the gynecological services.”



We are looking for people to network and help at our table at the Wild Goose Festival, a “transformational community grounded in faith-inspired social justice,” July 14-17. If interested, contact us at

ICAN, which stands for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and was the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner, is holding an online Nuclear Ban Forum June 18-19, 2022. Here’s the program. Register here.

March for Life Chicago, which has people coming from around the Midwest, is holding a Dobbs March & Rally on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago. Details yet to come.​


Blog Post

Rachel MacNair

Rachel MacNair offers My Ideas for Post-Roe Legislation


Quotation of the Week

Robert Aldridge, converted from Lockheed engineer to peace activist

Conversion — from being “thing-related” to being “people-centered”— seldom occurs in one cataclysmic flash of enlightenment but rather through a chain reaction of career-shocking, security-threatening experiences: experiences in love of others rather than the abstract morality that has corrupted this country since the first slave was sold. . . . I did not realize it at the time, but my interior self was changing from the “I-it” to the “I-Thou” attitude — the death knell of an engineering career in the defense industry.


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