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#616 - Peace & Life: Podcast/Ukraine/Liberal Origins - June 17, 2022

Coming Soon…

We are pleased to announce that the Consistent Life Podcast will be launched soon. Some members of CLN have recorded a handful of episodes about youth activism and why “CL Kids!” (our youth education program) exists, and various other topics. The long-awaited debut is coming later this summer. Stay tuned for more information and a release date!

Challenge: If our readers have any suggestions about a name for:

(1) our podcast series; and

(2) the youth education episodes

We’d love to hear them! Please email Tony Masalonis at


Making Connections

scales of justice, judge's gavel and military uniform

The Death Penalty Information Center offers this report: Battle Scars: Military Veterans and the Death Penalty

In this Washington Post article, David S. Meyer makes a case that the gun safety movement can learn a lot from the successes of the pro-life movement. His wording implies that he doesn’t favor the antiabortion movement and does favor the gun control movement, but he’s analyzing how well tactics and strategies work. From our point of view, of course, all movements against specified kinds of violence benefit from learning from each other.


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Our Latest Blog Post

John Whitehead makes a case for what can be done in one of the world’s largest current wars: Buy the Time to Make Peace: Seeking a Cease-Fire in the Ukraine War

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Quotation of the Week

Daniel K. Williams

The ideological bifurcation between pro-choice liberals and pro-life conservatives has continued for so long that the pro-life movement’s origin as a liberal cause has been almost entirely forgotten. Yet in the early 1970s, liberals were not only part of the pro-life campaign but, in fact, were the dominant voice in the movement, shaping pro-life ideology and framing the cause as a progressive fight for the civil rights of the unborn and the value of human life . . .

Pro-lifers’ success in framing their campaign as a human rights cause linked to the progressive politics of the antiwar movement and the War on Poverty contributed to their legislative victories in the early 1970s, when they defeated dozens of proposed abortion legalization bills.


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