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#641 - Peace & Life: CL Kids/Safe Space?/Trump's Bargain - December 9, 2022

“CL Kids!” Youth Education Program

Please Join Us - Zoom meeting January 4

All are invited to join our online “Teaching Consistent Life” community of parents, educators, and other youth-serving adults who are passionate about sharing the consistent life ethic, and the importance of each life issue, with younger generations.

Sign up here to participate in our community and to join our evening meet-ups on the first Wednesday of odd numbered months. We come together for honest sharing, with mutually agreed ground rules and skilled facilitators.

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The CL Kids! program has three goals: to curate and share a list of educational resources; to develop new materials like videos and art in all forms; and to support young people, family members, and educators in fostering a respect for the dignity of life. Click to learn more about the CL Kids! program.


Safe Space?

Robin Keller tells her story in The Wall Street Journal: No Dissent on Abortion Allowed at Hogan Lovells (11/29/22).

Her law firm had a conference call with “safe space” for female employees – safe only for those in an anti-Dobbs bubble expressing outrage. Since she isn’t in that bubble, she commented on several things wrong with Roe, including “numerous reports of disproportionately high rates of abortion in the black community, which some have called a form of genocide.”

So she was called racist with a demand that she leave: “Other participants said they ’lost their ability to breathe’ on hearing my comments. After more of the same, I hung up.”

Soon after, the firm suspended her contracts. Then fired her.

This is a recent example of many; we help account for the psychology of it in our blog post, Explaining Belligerency.


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Latest Blog Post

Tony Magliano tells about his personal journey in Becoming a Catholic Conscientious Objector.


Quotation of the Week

David French

The New York Times, November 21, 2022

Note: French is a conservative writer who has always opposed Trump. Here, he makes a point that resonates with consistent lifers.

Donald Trump deserves credit for nominating the judges who helped reverse Roe. But something else happened during his presidency. For the first time since the Carter administration, the American abortion rate actually went up. For the first time in 30 years, the number of abortions increased. . .

As the pro-life movement absorbs the harsh lessons of the 2022 elections . . . it cannot limit its compassion and concern to abortion alone. It cannot make common cause with spite and hate.

Yes, that means preserving life in the womb. It also means providing aid and comfort to mothers in distress. But that’s just the start. If you have regard for your neighbors, born and unborn, do you not owe them honesty and kindness? If you are a political figure, do you not also owe them basic competence? Shouldn’t your entire ethos reflect a concern for the weak and vulnerable in our midst?

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