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#467 Pro-life Women's Conference, US Border, Sloane Coffin

When Women Lead: The Pro-life Women’s Conference June 21-23, New Orleans, Louisiana – around 800 attending this fourth annual conference – it’s growing! Top Left, left to right: C.J. Williams and Rachel MacNair staffed our table, with Kelsey Hazzard of member group Secular Pro-Life staffing their table right next to ours. Top Right: Member group Rehumanize International setting up their table down the row from us. Bottom: Rachel MacNair shows the Grassroots Defunding state page to a table visitor – a nurse from a women’s medical clinic right next to the Planned Parenthood center in New Orleans. Showing off the website and giving ideas on how to use it was a major activity at a place

#466 Coverage, Sojo Summit, Non-doctors

As Passions Flare The New York Times ran a front-page story: As Passions Flare in Abortion Debate, Many Americans Say “It’s Complicated” (June 15). The first part points out that many people are conflicted on the topic, but it also discusses consistent-life viewpoints, and covers our member groups, Rehumanize International and Feminists for Life. The photo is of Jeannie Wallace French, a board member of member group Democrats for Life. Evangelicals on Consistency Christianity Today published an opinion piece, Pro-Lifers Aren't Hypocrites, by Tish Harrison Warren. It specifically cites and links to us, along with several of our member groups. See Quotation of the Week below. Sojo Summit

#465 The Price of Roe, Dorothy Day

Announcing a New Project: The Price of Roe This website is focused on reaching peace and justice advocates who favor Roe v. Wade only because they’re on the “side” that does. They need to be more acquainted with how Roe has sabotaged peace and justice goals; and had problems from a peace and justice perspective at its core. The home page has quotations from people who favor legal abortion and yet argue the court decision has done horrific damage to other peace and justice goals (see Quotation of the Week below). The title was inspired by Christopher Jon Sprigman: “The left has Roe (for now). But it secured that victory at a terrible price . . . The price

#464 Why Only Clinics?, Aladdin

Odd Point: Only Clinics? The media hubbub about the only remaining abortion clinic in Missouri has emphasized how it’s the last clinic left. If it goes, there are no more abortion providers in Missouri. Never mind the safety violations there. But they mainly don’t address this question: why are abortions only done in specified clinics? Decades ago, they were commonly done in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Over time, the killing has become concentrated, due to various reasons, including pro-life protests and legislation. This fits the pattern Rachel MacNair predicted in her book, Achieving Peace in the Abortion War, and explained online in First Things: “Our Pro

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