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#508 Referendums, PP Closings, Unsafe Homes

The Latest on Peace & Life Referendums Colorado: The signature count wasn’t quite sufficient to put a late-term abortion ban on the ballot, but they have a 15-day “cure period” to get more. The period doesn’t start until the shelter-in-place order is lifted – at present, Friday, May 15. But opening is a gradual process. There still won’t be large crowds for petitioning, and social-distancing rules will apply. It will take creativity to get signatures. Anyone who can get even just a few can make all the difference. If you’re in Colorado or have sympathetic friends who are, please visit or get them to visit Due Date Too Late. California: The initiative by bail bondsmen t

#507 PP closings/Iran/Bail/Never Rarely Movie

More on Planned Parenthood and Covid-19 About 11 missing PP centers on PP’s New York list, this article in the Times Union explains: "Planned Parenthood of Greater New York has begun laying off and furloughing employees and will temporarily close a dozen of its health centers, citing a strain on resources posed by the coronavirus pandemic . . . Former staff told the Times Union the organization was facing significant losses before the pandemic hit and said they believe the crisis gave leadership cover to implement layoffs and closures it had already been planning. The organization did not respond to this allegation, and said only that the pandemic had forced its hand." N

#506 Practical Tips, Real Life Stories, "Deciding" Who Dies?

Practical Tips Damian Geminder of our member group Feminists for Life reports: “We wanted to share with you this beautiful slideshow featuring FFL's new article series focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. It is currently playing across our Feminists for Life and Women Deserve Better Facebook pages. We now have more than 200 articles on our Women Deserve Better help site for caregivers, especially mothers who care for others throughout their adult lives to help them. is especially useful for vulnerable populations during the pandemic to help all Work, Learn, Live, and Love better.” Real Life Stories on the Death Penalty Our endorser Shane Cla

#505 Covid-19, Abortion, War / Interfaith

Covid-19 Impact on Abortion The listings for Planned Parenthood centers are volatile. So our listings are constantly updated; see Grassroots Defunding. Illinois and New York have closed some centers at least temporarily. In New York and Pennsylvania (at least), several centers are restricting themselves to abortions and Depo shots. Telehealth is being promoted. This is a valuable opportunity to promote Community Health Centers as alternatives. It’s one thing to try to convince people other places are better when PP is open as usual. When PP’s STD testing and family planning aren’t offered at all, if the nearby CHC is offering the services, the case is so much easi

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