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#513: Peace & Life: Planned Parenthood Grabs Covid Funds

Planned Parenthood Affiliates Grab Covid-19 Paycheck Funds One of the provisions of Congress’s huge CARES act for Covid-19 relief was a Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and non-profits with under 500 employees. It’s a loan, to be forgiven later if certain conditions are met. Since Planned Parenthood (PP) is a large corporation with thousands of employees, it was understood to be ineligible. However, individual regional affiliates reasoned that they were small, applied for loans, and got them –in the range of $80 million between all of them. (PP lost about $60 million when it gave up Title X funds last year.) The Small Business Administration, which adminis

#512 Peace & Life: Pandemic Pivot?

Past Plagues and Social Reform 1347-1351, the height of bubonic plague in Europe: the aftermath brought better pay, working conditions, and diet for the few workers left, contributing to the end of feudalism. 1665-1666, bubonic plague in London: followed by the Great Fire, rebuilding of the city was done with features making a much healthier environment. 1854, cholera epidemic in London: John Snow established the link between clean drinking water and the disease, which led to better sanitation. 1918-1920, world-wide influenza pandemic: furthered the idea of universal health care and better (uncrowded) housing. Previous occasions spotlighted that the well-being of the privileged depe

#511 Conscientious Objector Day, Political Twists

May 15: Conscientious Objectors Day Every year, May 15 is the day to honor conscientious objectors. Most object to being drafted for war, but there’s also conscientious objection to participating in abortion, euthanasia, or executions. Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950, pictured) wrote a short poem called Conscientious Objector which begins: “I shall die, but that is all I shall do for death.” This video offers a moving rendition based on the poem. It expands the original locations she wouldn’t show death to (that is, direct killers to) by adding current hotspots, as well as “where the baby sleeps in the womb.” Political Twists Because of Abortion Maggie Asto

# 510 Referendums/PP Closings/Pro-life Feminist Film

Updates on Peace & Life Referendums Colorado has a 15-day period, starting May 15, to get extra needed signatures on an initiative to ban late-term abortions. The state's “stay-at-home” order has been loosened to a “safer-at-home" standard. Missouri had a May 3 deadline for turning in signatures on petitions to place referendums on the ballot this November. Fortunately, the Medicaid Expansion initiative turned in double the needed number of signatures, and awaits verification. It was the only petition of any kind turned in. This means two proposals thankfully won’t make the ballot. One required local governments to cooperate with cruel immigration enforcement. The other prohibited

#509 "Choice" to Ignore?, Medical Needs by Each Issue

Choice? In an ironic new twist on an old rallying cry, the same "bodily autonomy" argument frequently made in favor of abortion is now being used in defense of willful disregard for public health precautions, such as avoiding large gatherings in close spaces and even wearing face masks. In both cases, individual choice is openly valued over human lives. See another example in the New York Times. It's not clear how much irony is intended by those using the slogan "my body, my choice" to flout precautions; maybe some are expecting it to end the discussion, based on an assumption that those advocating the necessity of public health precautions will be pro-choice on abortion, unaware th

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