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#526 NARAL Racism/Black Suffragists/Police Against Preborn

Employees Complain of Racism: Add NARAL BuzzFeed News is a publication favoring abortion availability. On August 21, it published Employees are Calling out Major Reproductive Rights Organizations for Racism and Hypocrisy. They had a lengthy section on Planned Parenthood (as we've covered before), and another lengthy section on NARAL Pro-Choice America. From the article: “The threat from the anti-abortion movement, which has been steadily whittling away abortion rights, has also kept many employees from speaking out; they fear giving ammunition to abortion opponents, they said . . . But the current reckoning has caused many of these workers to change their thinking.”

# 525 DNC/Belarus/Ireland/100th Anniversary

Member Group Democrats for Life at the DNC As mentioned last week, Democrats for Life held an online pro-life caucus attended by about 150 people; the recording is available here. They delivered a letter signed by over a hundred Democratic officeholders decrying the party’s extremism on abortion and asking them to at least take pro-life Democrats into account. They got an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal: The Democrats Biden Doesn’t Want.

#524 DNC Convention / Tear Gas

Member Group Events at the Democratic Convention Democrats for Life is hosting a Virtual Pro-Life Caucus live event outside the DNC convention in Milwaukee. Speakers include Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson, Kristen Day, and Terrissa Bukovinac. This is Monday, August 17, starting at noon U.S. Central Time. You can register here.

#523 Hiroshima/Referendums/Covid Connections

The 75thAnniversaries of the First and Last Use of Nuclear Weapons Deliberately Targeted against Human Beings Yesterday, August 6, was the anniversary of the first nuclear weapon deliberately targeted against a human population in Hiroshima Japan in 1945. Next Sunday, August 9, is the anniversary of the last time, in Nagasaki. We fervently hope it remains the last. Our blog post this week was written by John Whitehead: The Danger That Faces Us All: Hiroshima and Nagasaki after 75 Years.

#522 Racism as Life Issue/Masks/Jews

Racism is a Life Issue On June 28, sponsors associated with Notre Dame University hosted a Zoom/YouTube live-streamed panel on “Racism is a Life Issue,” which is now available on YouTube.

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