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#480 Quick New Abortion Clinics, Child Abuse, M*A*S*H

What’s the Quickest Way to Get a New Abortion Facility? The number of abortion facilities has dramatically dropped, from over 2,000 in the early 1990s to only around 700 now. Establishing a new clinic normally involves not only buying or renting a building space and getting permits, but local pro-lifers throwing up as many legal obstacles as possible. Ah, but there’s a new technique now: take an already-established clinic that offers sex-related health services – especially Planned Parenthood centers – and simply start doing abortions there. A couple of years ago, with around 600 locations, PP had about 350 doing abortions and 250 (40%) only referring for abortio

#479 Elections, Immigrants, UN Peace Day

Another Consistent-Life-Ethic Presidential Candidate Our member group the American Solidarity Party has chosen its candidate for the 2020 presidential election, Brian Carroll. A teacher of history and other subjects, Brian got his start in political organizing around 1990. He helped lead a committee to start a public bus system in his city. Then he was spokesperson for the effort to prevent a notable California abortionist from setting up a presence in the city. As Brian says, “Faced with our opposition, the abortionist backed down, and we have been 30 years without an abortion facility in town.” He later did mission work in South America. You can follow his campaign web

#478 Price of Roe, PP closures, Win-Lose

The Price of Roe – Cards Now Available Our new website, The Price of Roe, is designed for our fellow peace and justice activists who are only pro-Roe v. Wade because they think they’re supposed to be. They’re not pro-abortion activists, but they haven’t thought about it much. While we already offer much material to explain to them what’s wrong with abortion and euthanasia, this site explains the damage Roe v. Wade has also done to other causes. Hopefully, they’d react less negatively if Roe is ever overturned or seriously curtailed. We now have 4” by 6” cards, front and back pictured below, for putting on lit tables, doing mass leafleting, etc. These are available free to

#477 Referendums, Ireland, Life Matters

Peace & Life Referendums Those of us who listen to U.S. news media have likely heard over the last week that after Labor Day is the unofficial start of election campaign season – and since that season is so long in the U.S., they mean right now, over a year in advance of the large nation-wide election (November 3, 2020). But activists who want to get state-wide referendums on the ballot need to already be hard at work getting the thousands of petition signatures needed. So for this week’s blog post, we’ve got a list of some worthy referendums that our supporters might like to chip in on, or at least be aware of, along with objectionable ones we need to prepare to defeat: Peace and

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