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#484 Sidewalk, Nukes, Interns, Klopfer

Sidewalk Advocates Conference The second annual conference went well. Rachel MacNair acquainted many people face-to-face with the website for Grassroots Defunding: Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood, which matches PP centers to better medical care nearby. Excitingly, both Abby Johnson and Pam Whitehead sat for interviews Rachel videotaped. Abby was a director of Planned Parenthood, and Pam heads up the Check My Clinic program. Once edited, these will be exceedingly informative additions to the website. Pictured are Abby at the microphone and Pam on the right, in a panel offered by CLN member group And Then There Were None. Nuke Protesters Have Convictions

#483 Dems, Ranked-Choice Voting

Democrats Debate Again Neither capital punishment nor euthanasia came up in the October 15 debate; as usual, many thoughts on combating poverty and racism were offered. Unlike previous debates, the huge catastrophic war in Yemen did get mentioned (twice) as something which needs to be ended. While thoughts on war varied, an underlying current was the understanding that a war means horrific violence and that competence in the job of president includes trying to avoid wars. On abortion, however, candidates remain clueless. The euphemisms of “reproductive rights” and “freedom” and “codifying Roe v. Wade” prevailed, totally oblivious to the little human corpses that abortion

#482 John Oliver, Gandhi, Abby Johnson & Talbert Swan

China’s One-Child Policy Designed by Its Military John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight, covers very serious topics in depth but with a comedic (and vulgar) tone. Oliver accounts himself “pro-choice” on abortion; he understands forced abortions as a horror story, and details why. This last Sunday’s episode observed the current Chinese government’s 70th anniversary with a look at the roots and consequences of China’s one-child policy. (We covered a documentary on this policy in a recent blog post). He covers the resulting gender imbalance and sex trafficking. He mentions the program was originally designed by the Chinese military. His take was that men were designing something that w

#481 Legal Happenings, Climate Change

Legal Things Are Happening Abortion Added to the list of peace-and-life referendums next year is that the Louisiana legislature has put a referendum on the ballot to add to the Louisiana constitution that “nothing shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.” It was sponsored by a Democrat, then-Rep. (soon to be Sen.) Katrina Jackson (pictured). Euthanasia The U.S. Congress is considering the Palliative Care & Hospice Education & Training Act. Apparently some euthanasia opponents have questioned whether it’s sneaking the practice of hastening death into the law. But Wesley Smith, widely recognized for his expertise on euthanasi

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