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#496 March for Life, Ireland

March for Life 2020 With beautiful weather this year, we had our normal consistent-life contingent in the March for Life. This included a meet-up right before the March organized by our member group Rehumanize International. We had a table at the two-day Expo and the following day at the Cardinal O’Connor conference at Georgetown University. A couple of us leafleted appropriate sessions of the Students for Life conference that day. Many of our member groups also had tables at some of these events. As usual, we had many productive conversations. Since there was also a national rally against war with Iran on Saturday, we had people attend that as well. Our blog pos

#495 Movies, Candidate Forums, MLK on Nukes

Note: Today is the national March for Life. Stay tuned for reports next week. If you have reports or photos from there or from local events, please send to Better Movies Nominations for the Oscars are out. But three recent movies not on their list have these admirable features: * they’re based on true stories * the heroes worked toward honestly solving problems, spread the truth to the public through the media, and appealed to consciences. Just Mercy Based on a 1980s case with a man on death row in Alabama from shockingly shoddy evidence, this movie portrays how racism becomes lethal when connected to the death penalty. A connection

#494 Midwest March, Declaration of Peace, Euphemisms

March for Life Starts in the Midwest Note: See our March for Life 2020 page for a full list of ways to participate. Events for Washington, DC, the West Coast, and local events all over the United States are coming up next week! In recent years, the March in Chicago has grown from a small local event to the main Midwest event protesting Roe v. Wade. Held earlier than the DC March so people can attend both, it happened this year on January 11. For the first time, organizers added a one-day conference. We had a literature table there, along with our member groups Rehumanize International, Democrats for Life, and the American Solidarity Party. Left: Rachel MacNair and Emiliano Vera

#493 Referendums, Iran, Golden Globe, Ireland

Important Note: See our March for Life 2020 page for a full list of ways to participate. Peace & Life Referendums – Website Up! Voting against violence – what are all the U.S. state and local referendums to be voted on November 3? We track them, offer insight that might help certain voters, and give needed information for helping out. U.S. readers may especially want to help with those in their own states, but there are financial and spread-the-word ways to help in states other than your own. Assassinations by Drone Act of war. Extrajudicial execution. Stopping a mainly nonviolent uprising as Iranian protesters turn their anger to the

#492 2020 - Women's Suffrage, CLN Actions

2020: 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in U.S. Member group Feminists for Life has a Centennial Celebration Calendar. Carol Crossed (who spent decades as a CLN Board member) has a new book out for the occasion: Vintage Tweets: Suffrage Era Postcards is a poignant, amusing and insightful collection of 100 year old suffrage postcards, the social media of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 2020 Calendar for CLN Actions Individuals wanting to participate in our planned actions can contact us at January 6 or thereabouts: Launch of the Peace & Life Referendums website; we’ll cover this more in next week’s issue. January 11: March for Life Midw

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